South Dakota Red Angus Juniors

Dear South Dakota Junior Red Angus Exhibitors,
Greetings!  I hope this letter finds you all ready for a busy summer full of activities.  For those of you showing Red Angus cattle this summer, there have been rule clarifications made at the Senior Association meeting you should all be aware of to ensure this summer’s SDJRA shows run smoothly.  These changes include:

  •  Age limits were set to follow the SD Junior Points Association which is to be eligible to show, the Junior must be at least 8 years old as of the day of the show and no older than 21 on January 1st the year of    the show. 
  • Animal must be owned by the Junior, Junior’s family, or have a valid 4-H lease in place.  Proof of ownership/lease must be provided when checking in the day of the show.
  • *NEW RULE* Market Beef must be registered and registration paper presented at check-in.
  • Market beef must be a minimum 50% Red Angus and CANNOT be black in color.
  • Showmanship ages are:  Junior 8-13 or Senior 14-21.
  • Junior Association annual dues are $10 and must be paid prior to participating.
  • Senior Showmanship winner at Spotlight must accept or deny the U-Fit-It invite by the end of Spotlight.
  • An advisory committee consisting of SDRAA officers and directors present at said show will make final decision on any rule discrepancies in question.

*Note: With the current backlog at the national office, you are advised to register your cattle ASAP.

South Dakota Junior Red Angus Events
The 2016 South Dakota Summer Spotlight Show will be held July 21th-24th in Huron, SD.  The Red Angus Junior Show will take place on Friday, July 22nd and will immediately follow the Charolais Show which begins at 3:00 p.m.  Check-in will be the morning of the show at the 4-H complex.  Entries are $15/animal and SDJRA dues must be paid prior to showing. 

The annual junior meeting will follow the conclusion of the Red Angus Show.  Juniors MUST attend to get their prizes.  Officer elections will take place at the meeting.  Even if you are not exhibiting cattle at Spotlight, you are still encouraged to attend the meeting!
The 2016 South Dakota State Fair is September 1st – 5th in Huron, SD.  The Red Angus Junior Show will be held on Thursday, September 1st immediately following the Red Angus Open Class show which begins at 1:00 p.m.  Check-in will be from 8:00-10:00 a.m. in the Open Class Beef Complex near the superintendent’s office.  Entries are $15/animal and SDJRA dues must be paid.   
Western Junior Livestock Show will be held in Rapid City, SD on October 5th-8th, 2016.  For more information please contact Dean Odden at (605)870-0885. 

National Junior Red Angus Events
The North American Junior Red Angus Event will be held June 20th-25th in Springfield, IL.  Entry deadline is May 15th.  More information can be found at or on the NAJRAE Facebook page.
National Junior Red Angus Round-Up tour is June 29th – July 2nd in Virginia.  Visit the National Junior Red Angus Association Facebook page or the Junior Red Angus tab on for more info. 
South Dakota Junior Red Angus Grants
All SDJRA members are eligible for a $250 grant from the SDRAA to assist in attending the North American Junior Red Angus Event, National Junior Red Angus Round-Up, Loaded for Leadership, or the Young Stockmen’s Contest.  The application is posted on the state website and they are due on November 15th. 
The SDRAA is also offering a $50 award to any Red Angus Heifer that wins their county 4-H Achievement Days show.  This application is also posted on the state website and is due November 15th along with a backdrop photo.

If you have any further questions about the South Dakota Junior Red Angus Association, please contact Barb Weidenbach at (605)870-2055, Stephanie Jung at (605)380-1796, or myself at (605)350-0076.  More information will be posted at or on the South Dakota Junior Red Angus Association Facebook page when available so check back often.  Best of luck for a successful and safe summer!

Amanda Larsen, Executive Secretary
South Dakota Red Angus Association