South Dakota Red Angus Juniors

Junior Show Rules
  • Age limits were set to follow the SD Junior Points Association which is to be eligible to show, the Junior must be at least 8 years old as of the day of the show and no older than 21 on January 1st the year of the show. 
  • Animal must be owned by the Junior, Junior’s family, or have a valid 4-H lease in place.  Proof of ownership/lease must be provided when checking in the day of the show.
  • Purebred females must be Category 1A or 1B without any disqualifying characteristics. 
  • Market Beef must be registered and registration paper presented at check-in.
  • Market beef must be a minimum 50% Red Angus and CANNOT be black in color.
  • Showmanship ages are:  Beginner 8-10, Junior 11-13, Senior 14-21
  • Junior Association annual dues are $10 and must be paid prior to participating.
  • Senior Showmanship winner at Spotlight must accept or deny the U-Fit-It invite by the end of Spotlight.
  • Percentage Female Rules:
    • Must be registered with the Red Angus Association of America as Category 2 or 3
    • May only show in one breed's respective Junior Show
    • Sire or dam must be registered Red Angus
    • Must be no less than 50% Red Angus
    • Must be polled (a scurred animal is considered polled if you choose not to remove the scurrs.  If you surgically or mechanically remove the scurrs, you will be disqualified)
    • Must be red hided and polled. For example, Charolais/Red Angus Cross (range fires). No black hided or black animals allowed. 
    • Percentage females must be under 2 years of age.
  • An advisory committee consisting of SDRAA officers and directors present at said show will make final decision on any rule discrepancies in question.

Amanda Larsen, Executive Secretary
South Dakota Red Angus Association